A song (revised)

Posted in Band, Lyrics by netscheri on September 30, 2007

The second draft of this song here.

Perhaps ‘reworking’ would be more accurate. The major factor was after writing a first draft, I’m more sure of what exactly I want to convey and which images should go with it, rather than just choosing lines or words because they sound or look nice. I also took into mind some of the feedback that I received. The result is, hopefully, something that is more linked, continuous and clear.



A song

Posted in Band, Lyrics by netscheri on September 26, 2007

I said earlier that I had formed a band. Well, now we’re at one singer, a guitarist and a drummer. Slightly better than the previous situation of two singers and a manager, but the thing is, you see, that the singer can’t really sing (yet – or ever?), the guitarist needs to learn how to play the drums, and the drummer needs to learn how to drum. But we’ve given ourselves a time span of five years to develop and improve as a band, and hopefully, that will be sufficient.

The first piece of equipment that we bought for the band was a notebook. Members would take turns at keeping it and writing directly into, and the contributions from the other members would then be pasted in. We thought it would be like a creative scrapbook, with each person writing their own lyrics, music and thoughts into it.

We’ve yet to think of a band name, but what we do have are some (possible) lyrics for a (possible) song written by yours truly.


The harsh scent of aloe
The rasp of silk
A golden amber falls with the rain
Sitting on a doorstep, watching 100 beetles scurry past,
The world passes me by.


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The secret of eternity

Posted in Miscellany by netscheri on September 24, 2007

I was going over my blog stats, and I found that one of the keywords someone used to find this blog was “secret of eternity”.

1. Who actually searches for this?
2. The internet may be powerful, and Wikipedia may have over 2 000 000 articles in English, but the secret of eternity is a bit of a stretch.
3. I even looked it up myself, in order to determine whether it was a band or something like that and I’m then being too-smart-for-my-own-good. It’s not.
4. In conclusion, it is very strange that someone is hoping to find the secret of eternity on the internet. Though it is likely that someone might be just be searching it up to see if there are any sites which propose to have the secret of eternity.
5. There aren’t.


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Variant of ‘Eleanor’. From the French form of the Provençal name Alienor. It was borne by Eleanor of Aquitaine (12th century), the wife of both Louis VII, the king of France, and Henry II, the king of England. She was named Aenor after her mother, and was called by the Provençal phrase alia Aenor “the other Aenor” in order to distinguish her from her mother.

– It’s a lovely name, and I much prefer this variant to the more common ‘Eleanor’. Yet I find that there’s something sad about how the name ‘Elinor’, with a name being one of the defining elements of a person, does not entirely belong to itself, instead coming from another name and person.

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My Uncle Alfred

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First post in a long time. Although this isn’t the Serious Web Journalism that I had promised earlier and intended to write (starting from Blogging as a Political Review, that overdue PMK review through to That-Sense-of-Escapism-I’m-Looking-For), it is something for my 0.7 readers to know that I’m still active. Or semi-active. Or semi-demi-active. Or at least not non-active.

Well, I suppose it is rather apt, since (truly, madly, deeply) a large part of me is a writer at heart.

Untitled (I originally called it something like ‘Mad Scientists Elsewhere’, but that sounds awkward)

During my childhood, it was my uncle Alfred who carried me on his shoulders and taught me the wonder of mysteries. Three weeks ago, my uncle Alfred led me to safety through a frozen particle accelerator, beneath a city that turned white and crumbled to the touch.



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Aah, I have a headache. Is it a symptom of chronic lack of motivation? Let me sleep. It’s Y2K soon.

Hammer-speak: A nonsense language that is understood neither by the speaker nor the audience. Consists of capitalized, repeated and two syllable phrases such as ‘BAKU BAKU’ as well as unpronounceable combinations of uncapitalized words and punctuation marks such as akjgklajglkaejgieja;’ kajj’.
It is thought that the name originates from an urge to ‘hammer’ one’s head into a solid object, or an emotion of euphoria so intense that it ‘hammers’ and overrides other emotions and intellects.

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On this side Tiber

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Walking into paradise
I saw a multitude of souls
All working
Stopping by a carpenter
I asked him why he worked
and he replied
If I stop I’ll see


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I’m forming a band. Though as of now, all we have are two singers and a manager. At this rate, we may end up being a choir rather than a band.

Needed –

…And someone who can compose songs