Munich (2005) – First Impressions

Posted in Reviews by netscheri on October 5, 2007

I just finished watching this movie. By ‘just’ I mean I hit the ‘stop’ button on the DVD player and then wandered into here.

I apologise in advance for any odious omissions and shallow judgments that I may make. It usually takes me some period of time and a few rewatchings to be able to analyse a film or book objectively and in depth, so this will be quite the periphery.

I really enjoyed this film. I can’t really say that there was anything that I particularly liked, everything just seemed to fit together so well. Two of the scenes that stood out for me though, were the scene at the safe house where Avner and his men meet men from the PLO, and the scene at the end where a flashback to the final events of the 1972 massacre are intercut with Avner and Daphna. Both scenes show the ambiguity of their mission as well as the element of humanity that is present in the otherwise brutal film.

Another aspect that I enjoyed enough to elaborate upon is the lighting in the film. I’m a big fan of lighting. While a large part of the film was in darkness, this was contrasted with shots of such clarity, such as in the scenes at Louis’ Papa’s residence where the children ran around and the domestic scenes with naturalized lighting.

Lastly, before I wrap this up for now as I’m ti-red, this film has made me realise, fully, what a wonderful actor Eric Bana is. Truly.


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