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Posted in Miscellany, Thoughts by netscheri on November 14, 2007

Popular entertainment celebrities in Asia seem considerably humbler than their American and European counterparts. I understand that I may be making a (gross) generalisation, but the trend does seem to be there. Please, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

It was something that I had been thinking about for some time, but what really made me consider it was this clip that I saw when browsing about KaC videos. In what appeared to be a promotional event or fan meeting, the main cast all made the full ceremonial bow to the audience consisting of fans – kneeling, forehead to the ground. I understand that that is a fairly extreme gesture, but it’s present in other aspects as well. How aside from the usual “thank you” to the fans, the actors, actresses and singers seem earnest in their promise to try their best to be better at their profession, to improve their skills, to be able to give the fans more. They seem to have a real sense of owing something to their fans, whereas with American and European celebrities, the “I would like to thank my fans” often sounds flippant, just another in a list.

However, it may also be an effect of the culture and language, for the Korean and Japanese languages seem to be intrinsically more formal, with more emphasis on politeness, than English.  


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