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Posted in This Blog by netscheri on February 10, 2008

Firstly, I’ll apologise for another prolonged absence. There’s an explanation, but it’s not terribly exciting and mainly consists of summer and sun-soaked lethargy.

But, as I was occupied in turning my skin lobster red, I was thinking about a possible direction for this blog. Up to this point, it’s been filled with all sorts of posts on all sorts of interrelated, unrelated, and sometimes one-off topics. I feel that I would like to pull it all in a little, have either a main topic for the blog, or a main specialty. So instead of the blog being all the miscellany of the blogger, it could be ‘Music Commentary + Miscellany of the Blogger”, or something like that. Not that the name of the blog is going to change though.

In saying this, I thought that the best people to help with the decision would be the readers of the blog – the regular 1.7 as well as the occasional readers who wander into this blog either looking for help with their Julius Caesar essays or for music downloads.

The options, are below. Vote by commenting. Or add your own suggestions.

1. Reviews on books, films, movies, art, etc.
2. Archive for original writing.
(Note – there probably wouldn’t be too much of that.)
3. Analysis of song lyrics.
4. Archive for music downloads.
(This will probably depend upon personal taste.)
5. Stay the way it is.
6. Your own suggestion based on what you’ve seen of this blog.

Myself, I’m leaning towards a mixture of number 3 and 6.¬†3 mostly because it is something I find enjoyable, and also because something like this doesn’t seem to exist elsewhere. Readers and visitors would also be able to make requests.

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