Walking In A Sound

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Modern, retro, energetic, upbeat, catchy (power)pop and rock from New Zealand and Brazil.

Download Links:
CSS – Alala
Cut Off Your Hands – Still Fond
Cut Off Your Hands – Oh Girl
Kingston – Good Good Feeling


What have I been listening to recently?

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Just a little playlist. WordPress is anti-embedding, apparently – so click on the ‘Pop-Out Player’ button.

Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll – The Killers: From their B-sides and rarities album ‘Sawdust’. This seems more like a track from ‘Sam’s Town’ than ‘Hot Fuss’. Nostalgic, retro and retrospective, overarching, dramatic. The lyrics are characteristic of The Killers – modern, expressive, colloquial yet with a touch of the poetic. Download.
The Bucket – Kings of Leon: From their 2005 album ‘Aha Shake Heartbreak’. Not the most poetic lyrics, but lyrics-as-poetry probably wouldn’t suit the style of the music. However, in saying that, the words of the chorus are evocative with the contrast of the mundane and the extraordinary. Wonderful, inspiring, almost poignant chorus. It sounds almost yearning. The vocalists voice and how he sings is very interesting, and the instrumentalists are quite solid as well. Download.
Low Happening – Howling Bells: From their 2006 self-titled debut album.  Good vocals, good instruments, good melodies, good style….insipid lyrics. Though the lyrics for this song aren’t that bad, and the line ‘my love shot right through you’ is rather catchy, other songs feature such lines as ‘broken bones may hurt but a broken heart will never mend’, sung with all the gravity of a serious revelation. Download.
Razorblade – The Strokes: From their 2006 album ‘First Impressions of Earth’. I love, admire, Julian Casablanca’s voice. It’s raw and for loss of a better word, expressive. Also love the intertwining of the guitar and vocal melody. I’m glad that distortion is used less for the vocals on this album than on their previous albums. Download.
The Call – Regina Spektor: From the original soundtrack for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The lyrics and general mood of the song fits the movie qutie well. I’ve always felt, though, that the strength of Regina Spektor’s appeal lay not so much in her actual voice but in the musicality, composition and arrangement of her songs. Not a great song, but pretty good. Download.


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Shura – DOES. Gintama ED 5.

Update >> I was save-image-as-happy and ended up taking some screenshots of the ED. The results are below.


Update >> I really do like this song and animation. So much that I uploaded the ED video. Right click here and save-target-as to download. 15.5 MB.

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Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto OST

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For your listening pleasure, and also for the sake of my hard drive space, I’ve uploaded the first Iroha soundtrack onto Megaupload. Link below.

Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto Original Soundtrack 1

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Music – Tibet

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Somehow, this blog has become a music blog too. I first heard Tibetan singing during the movie Red River Valley and was immediately fascinated by it. There seemed to a certain quality in the singer’s voice that I had hardly, if ever, heard before, a sense of a great expanse. It seems to be particularly prominent when the singer reached the higher registers of her range. Wikipedia then provides this description – “the loud, projecting voice of traditional Tibetan singing” with “a wide vocal range and long phrases.” Though I can’t confirm this, it seems that this ‘projecting’ quality of Tibetan singing is related to the altitude of Tibet (approx. 3,000 metres above sea level), which in turn affects the capacity of the lungs, as well as affecting the vocal cords. Interesting, but so far, I haven’t been able to properly verify whether this is true or not.

And as a point of comparison, the same song sung but with a different style. Strangely enough, this singer, too, is Tibetan. This version of the song is sung in Mandarin Chinese, not Tibetan:

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Pictures – Sneaky Sound System

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Sneaky Sound System


Pictures/Sneaky Sound System/Remix/Funk/Dance/Australia



Download the non-remix version here


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