Caravaggio, from The English Patient

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David Caravaggio does not remember Italy. Or if he does, it is no more than an ancestral memory of the warmth of the sun, of small houses in great swathes and wide strokes, Caravagesque, like the painter he shares a name with. What he is familiar with is the landscape of North America. He is familiar with the wind, with the water, with the sharp feel of the rocks near the construction site pressing into his back. He shifts position so that he is no longer lying on some of the sharpest rocks. In the background, he hears the sounds of steel meeting iron as the workers build and his mind translates this into the sound of cowboys and pioneers, their spurs ringing metallic as they urge their horses forward (the dull hammering of iron into wood). Building a new city. David stretches a hand out towards the sun, an eye half-closed like One Eyed Bill The Most Dangerous Outlaw in the West. Behind him, the workers, English, Polish, Russian, Italian, continue to build Canada. There is displacement and expanse.



Inspired by ‘The English Patient’

Posted in Original, Poetry, Writing by netscheri on September 19, 2008

body marked like a map of old
a visceral cartography of impressioned mountain ranges
red and pale, the ridges of spine and valleys of collarbone
the borders of skin against skin
a mapmaker’s ink of teeth and nails and hair

but there is no reason in this uncreation
nothing save for their shallow breaths
the briefest pause
a sensory respite
and then
drowning in an ancient river

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Possible Song Lyrics

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I remember you like
the taint of my nail polish on your skin
as I turned your wrist to and fro
trying to anatomise the mechany
of your floral veins
paint in the topography of our fingerprints
Fuchsia Rose toxicity
a sudden unfamiliar altitude
oh perhaps we should have should have

More ordinary, colloquial, casual than my usual writing.

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Blunt, heavy-handed and not particularly elegant

Posted in Original, Poetry, Writing by netscheri on August 22, 2008

What kind of cruelty
Allows justice to be administered
Punishment to be meted out
By an arbitrary judge?

What kind of power
Is great enough
That it can give
One control over another
That it can be complete
Even when divided?

What kind of right
Is joined by
cruelty and power?

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A night image

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He lies awake, spread flat by the sore, gnawing pain. If he had to describe it, he would say that it felt like his bones and muscles and marrow were all twisting, stretching and yearning- They feel like the growing pains the doctor diagnosed him with when he was 13 or 14. But he knows, in the core of his beating, beating heart, that this is something that is beyond a doctor’s white office. How do you describe the sensation of a body become an anachronism out of time? Or is it the mind that is the anachronism? He doesn’t know.

Is this love?

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stretched out along the shore
I think I love you I do I do
like murano glass I love you
blown out and stretched and shaped
by you
I love you.

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Two little poems

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Untitled haiku

in a brief respite
an uncertain child-like scrawl
miss you I miss you

Untitled freeverse

the walls the chairs
the air
know that there are
different kinds of absence
different kinds of permanence

know when permanence and absence entwine

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Dear Sir, Madam
Please hold
A member of our staff will be with you shortly.

Good Evening.
Thank you for your submission.
However we are afraid that there is something
almost obscene
About your latest work.
We are afraid that we shall not be able to publish it.

We feel, that the presentation is
too stark
we are afraid, that there is a rawness
in the body of the piece
a sense of sinuous twisting
exposing a harshness a bleakness a brittle whiteness
or a pulsing singing
core –

– We believe
We sincerely believe
From necessity that this work is intrinsically,
Fundamentally incorrect.
We hope that you understand,
That we must be selective,
And until you strive to improve
We will not be able to continue.

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4 AM Poetry – The Product of Insomnia

Posted in Poetry, Writing by netscheri on July 20, 2008

To translate into the language of night;
half-waking thoughts,
half formed.
In learning to transmit
through a new medium
Not only thought but touch;
sound resounding against skin
But when transmuting fluidity
base mermaid alchemy –
a pause –

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I asked for a prompt

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And was given this: “well today as i was running there was a man who was kinda creepy standing and waiting to cross with an umbrella and i imagined him throwing it and it puncturing me through my back and through my stomach…but thats all i got. sorry”


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